Sunday, 6 November 2011

Own your own colour

I bought this colour in memory of my sister and its for a great cause, have a look at the website
It tells you what your donation will buy when you get to the donating stage.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Finished Sculpture

At last my sculpture created in memory of my lovely sister Carol is complete.
There is a reason for every item used.
When I saw the tall slim vase I thought of Carol.
The balti pan was because she always loved a good curry.
The willow pattern was because she use to buy me bits of willow pattern she found in junk shops.
Carol would have found it funny that I gave her big feet as she had large feet and found flip flops the most comfortable things to wear and if they had a bit of bling even better.
The necklace was a bracelet she persuaded me to buy in a supermarket in France.
This leads me onto her earing which is a small key from her house in France and its on her left ear as Carol was left handed.
Carol always wore glasses and seemed to always peer over the top.
Finally the rose is a link to me.