Thursday, 30 January 2014

An interesting day printing

I chose a very cold day to experiment in my garage studio. With the help of my friend Ann we set out to hopefully produce some good prints from the template I produced earlier.

Well things did not go to plan ..... As I don't have a press I thought it was a good idea to put the paper and template between two pieces of hard board and drive over them in my car. Not a good idea when your friend decides to move the hardboard as you start to move!!! After a lot of shouting and then laughing we examined the print. Sounded good in theory but had not realised the pressure would only be as wide as the tyre, I somehow thought the pressure would spread across the hardboard. We had a few attempts but none where any good. Also the neighbours curtains began to twitch..."why is that madwoman next door driving her car up and down her drive?"

When Ann and I surveyed our days work the only ones I liked were the tissue paper and kitchen roll I used to take off the ink. I think this one looks like trees and furrowed field.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Printing template produced

This is the other side of my garage studio.

I have put the first coat of PVA on my template.

Its all very experimental so we will just have to see if it works when I cover it with ink.
I do have one major problem!!!!! I haven't got a press..... I am going to try and put the inked up template and paper between to pieces of thin hard board and drive over it with my car tyres.
The other alternative is to use a much thinner paper and burnish with a spoon.
Update Wednesday night

Clearing workspace

After leaving my studio in Vernon Mill I have set up in half of our garage. It has been difficult as the whole family seem to use it as a storage place. I spent all day yesterday reclaiming my half of the garage and cleaning the work surfaces ready for a bit of printing. My friend Anne and I are working on the same project which is our interpretation of a photo of sails. It is an experiment using the technique collagraphy. 

The fish on the wall is "Harry with the bloodshot eye" he was caught off the coast of India and given to me in 1973 and has remained a well talked about member of the family.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Royal Clipper

Just returned from a wonderful adventure on the Royal Clipper round the Windward Islands.

Friday, 17 January 2014

All In The Best Possible Taste

On a recent long haul flight I was able to watch the Channel 4 series about the making of 
Grayson Perry Tapestries, which I found extremely interesting. When I returned to Manchester I found that they were in an exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery so today I went along to see them.
They are beautiful, so full of detail and very vibrant well worth seeing.

I was not allowed to photograph them so I found these images on   

The Sunday Times Travel Magazine

This is an illustration for the Feb edition of The Sunday Times Travel Magazine.
It is in the Travel Smart section and has some very good tips on how to get good deals when booking your holiday.

Museum of London Feb Leaflet

This is the latest front cover of the leaflets I illustrated for the Museum of London.