Thursday, 30 January 2014

An interesting day printing

I chose a very cold day to experiment in my garage studio. With the help of my friend Ann we set out to hopefully produce some good prints from the template I produced earlier.

Well things did not go to plan ..... As I don't have a press I thought it was a good idea to put the paper and template between two pieces of hard board and drive over them in my car. Not a good idea when your friend decides to move the hardboard as you start to move!!! After a lot of shouting and then laughing we examined the print. Sounded good in theory but had not realised the pressure would only be as wide as the tyre, I somehow thought the pressure would spread across the hardboard. We had a few attempts but none where any good. Also the neighbours curtains began to twitch..."why is that madwoman next door driving her car up and down her drive?"

When Ann and I surveyed our days work the only ones I liked were the tissue paper and kitchen roll I used to take off the ink. I think this one looks like trees and furrowed field.

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Julie Howe said...

Hi Rose, is this your new studio? Great to see you printing, loving the tissue.. Hope your enjoying it and having fun. ~ Julie.