Thursday, 9 October 2008

Bienal del Cartel en Mexico

These images are from participants of the
Bienal del Cartel en Mexico 2008 competition.
It is worth looking at all the different countries styles.
My favourites were the Polish but I also liked Taiwan

Tomasz Boguslawski (Polish)

Antoine Oliver (French)

Eric Olivares (Spanish)

Gorowsui Mieczystaw (Polish)


spicer said...

Yep. the differing cultural voices seems to have resonance for you. What is'inate'about each, what makes them what they are?

nina martell said...

The French one is appalling, really bad composition, no harmony between the background and the poorly put together camera man(jumble of anything goes)is abismal.... Sorry, but this is one for the skip in my opinion.....YUK!

The Spanish one is great however. It's bold, gets the point across in simplistic terms.... uncluttered brilliance!