Monday, 16 May 2011


Anna Violet has persuaded me to start blogging again.... so here we go.

Failure, well I am sure we all experience it at one time or another but when do we call it a day and how do we handle it?

Creative Review have a good piece on their blog
I like what Milton Glaser has to say.

This is my most recent failure, again I have failed to be selected for The Serco Prize for Illustration. They choose a first, second, third and fifty illustrations to be exhibited in the London Transport Museum. This competition is organized by the The AOI

The winner is Anne Wilson and her image is below. I think her image is very eye catching and makes a very good poster.

This entry from Andy Potts has been chosen for the exhibition. I have always liked Andy's work.

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Are you curious about me? said...

Hi Rose

Don't be dispondent, you have to give someone else a turn now and again... Your piece is fantastic, I would have chosen it and think it would make a wonderful poster. Try selling it to British rail... They could do with some new work.. You just need to persuade them that they need yours. Easy .... Just give them your spiel and one of your dazzeling smiles. Job done.

Hope you keeping well, glad to see that your blogging again.. Julie x